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Utilize the ATLIS Edtech Resource Center, a curated  product library where you can  see, share and understand what's being used by other ATLIS schools. See aggregated ATLIS member feedback and learn which products are working!

Organization inventory

Determining effectiveness and ensuring compliance and security starts with knowing which tools are being used! Get a real-time, secure dashboard of which products your teachers and students access as part of your ATLIS membership!.

Real-time product dashboard

Use your ATLIS Edtech Resource Center to ensure compliance with your student data privacy regulations. Search and find products that have been ATLIS iKeepSafe Verified. Learn more so that you can do more!

Privacy compliance

Having an organized system of record for managing licenses, contracts and statuses

The A+ Team

District Analyst

Kevin Uy

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With LearnPlatform, ATLIS members can empower administrators to organize, streamline and analyze every facet of their education technology to improve outcomes, instruction and budgets.


Dr. Amanda Cadran

Tina Avis

Director of Customer Success
Customer Success Associate
Consistent and actionable methods for measuring and analyzing the usage, impact and cost-effectiveness of learning technologies
Visibility and communication between administrators and faculty on what learning technologies are approved, available and actively in use
Compliance with student data privacy and accessibility standards

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